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Maj (retd) Ian Mattison MInst RE

Minley Manor was a large family house that became part of a military training establishment and then an Officers Mess for the Corps of Royal Engineers. Yet the story of Minley Manor is also a story about the Currie family, whose three generations living at Minley created a magnificent manor house in an innovative architectural style. 

In Minley Manor, author Major Ian C Mattison shares the untold history of Minley Manor and the Currie family’s hand in making it into a hidden jewel on the borders of North Hampshire and Surrey. After coming into possession of some long-lost documents and a narrative history of the manor, Ian offers a tribute to the manor and to the Currie family. First exploring the manor’s compelling architectural history and design, we are beckoned to look deeper into the manor to discover the
fascinating story of a family involved in the political and financial affairs of the United Kingdom and at the heart of government. 

Minley Manor is a story not just about the buildings, the estate, and the gardens; it is the story of four generations of the Currie family who dwelt there. The Currie family of Minley may well have been passed over in history, but the hope is that they may now take their rightful place as a dynasty who did indeed make significant and very worthwhile contributions to the very fabric of English society in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.