What have people said about me over the past few years?

It is very complimentary and humbling and I am very grateful for their kind and generous words.

…..he possesses considerable tact and humility-qualities which enable him to work well with multinational Battle Groups and agencies…..” Major, Chief of Staff Multinational Brigade (Centre), Kosovo Aug 2000.

 “….your exceptional professional competence and dynamic energy were invaluable to Joint Command Southeast and the PfP Training Centre. Your reputation of excellence goes beyond this headquarters and reflects great credit on NATO, JC Southeast, your nation and yourself….” Lieutenant Colonel, US Army CIMIC Section Chief HQ Joint Command Southeast, Turkey June 2002.

 “…notably he has excelled in his handling of ,and relationships with, civilian staff. This strength is born out of his character and he is the most staggeringly kind, helpful and altruistic person I have ever met…..” Lieutenant Colonel, Commanding Officer Central Volunteer Headquarters, Minley Sep 2003

 “…Major Mattison possesses all the qualities required of his role, combining a robust approach to the voracious appetite from theatres for reinforcements with an admirable diplomatic manner in his dealings with formations and units….” Lieutenant Colonel, HQ Land Command Jan 2005.

 “….his achievements in the region were impressive and due to his considerable technical skills as a reconstruction planner, civil-military contracts negotiator and individual integrity, it is no exaggeration to say that without his efforts the Coalition mission in Al Muthanna would have foundered…..” Major, Chief of Staff Task Force Eagle, Iraq Dec 2005.

  “….he continues to pop up in all the HQ activities in one role or another, which highlights his versatility- and above all- his preparedness to put his shoulder to any wheel. I commend him strongly for any co-ordination or organising job, or for a post that utilises his IM and IT expertise….” Major General, Commanding Officer London District Jan 2010.

 “…..I am most grateful to Major Ian Mattison for giving us an impromptu tour of the history of your office which was quite excellent, tempering his depth of knowledge with some light humour- he was truly impressive…..” General, Chief of the Defence Staff  to Commander London District on the visit of the General Karimi Chief of the General Staff of the Afghan Army April 2011

 "..to play a leading role in generating funds such as £20,000 in 2003 for the Blind School of Sierra Leone, over £40,000 in 2011 and 2012 for military charities at two special awards events and £17,000 for the group Polo for Heroes in 2013 requires a very special talent which Major Ian Mattison has in abundance...." Managing Director of a leading UK Charity after interview in Jan 2014.


Maj (retd) Ian Mattison MInst RE